Our Services

Control System design

LETs is the global leader in design automation, delivering the productivity needed to succeed in the competitive environment of today and tomorrow – for businesses of all sizes. We provide Eplan based control system design services for machine builders, system Integrators, Automotive industry, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, food & beverage industries.


  • Control system concept design
  • Selection of automation components & specification
  • Control circuit detail design
  • Safety Circuit design
  • Cabinet selection & Layout design
  • BOM list & specification generation

PLC & HMI Software

We provide IEC 61131-3 standard PLC & HMI programming & software development services for machine builders, system Integrators, Automotive industry, and Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, food & beverage industries.

We offer Programming for the following PLCs:

  • Siemens
  • Allenbradley(AB)
  • Beckhoff
  • Mitsubishi

Key Features:

  • Object oriented programming
  • Function Block development
  • Data Traceability & MES connectivity
  • I4.0 Connectivity

LABVIEW Programming

LETs provides high end Lab View programming services, partner in test rig technologies, data acquisition, test data management and analysis. We provides NI based innovative products, systems and services in support of the development of advanced technology, high reliability solutions worldwide to clients in the aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, telecom, and life-sciences industries

Key Features:

  • Labview Based software for Test rigs
  • High Speed data acquisition and analysis
  • Data Logging & Reporting
  • Real Time System

Robotics & Automation

LETs offers Robotic based automation solutions for assembly, manufacturing assist, Welding and painting applications. We make process study and implement process concept design and programming the Robots

Machine Safety Inspection

LETs offers Machine safety design validation for the heavy machinery industries. Also we support the safety inspection for the shop floor machines.

Data Traceability & I4.0

LETs provides innovative solutions for part data traceability in manufacturing sectors. Thousands of automotive parts are produced daily. Our system will able to track and collect data from a part or assembly through its process in the plant and recorded in server. Parts are typically marked with a DMC or barcode, and assemblies on a pallet are tracked with radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags.

The data is collected by a programmable logic controller (PLC) and sent to a structured query language (SQL) Server database for analysis. Later it will helpful to customer to track the full history of the part or assembly from the data that is collected and can notify operators to perform maintenance, change tooling, change bearings, or other fixes to improve efficiency. This helps prevent quality issues and recalls on parts.

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